The Dangers of Social Media

Using a Tablet

There’s no doubt that on the internet social media has been a huge success.  It’s made family and friends who live far away seem that bit closer, helped us to reconnect with those long-lost friends from school, and have turned the humble domestic cat into a movie star!

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Using Online Tutorials To Teach You

Computers are probably the most versatile machines ever invented, but that can also make them daunting to use.  Help is at hand, however, if you use the internet to teach you how to get the computer to do what you want.

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What Is Blogging?


Blogging is one of those computer related words that has found its way into the news and even common usage, but it still a mystery to most people.  The word “Blog” comes from “Web Log” which was simply an online diary in the early days.  As time has gone on blogging has become much more and can be anything from a personal diary to a journalist’s own view of the world, and for some people, a way of earning a living.

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Video Sharing

The internet is filled with interesting information.  This information includes news from most of the major news services in the world, plus blogs with help, advice and opinions from ordinary people, and let’s not forget that it is also has the “World’s Biggest Collection Of Cat Videos”.

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Too Quick To Click

How often have you put something down somewhere only to forget where?  How often has the computer “eaten” a file, photo or email?  In fact the computer hasn’t eaten or hidden anything.  It’s simply that you’ve accidentally told it to put your photo or file somewhere that you didn’t mean to.  The computer equivalent of mislaying something around your home.

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Free Software

Computers are famous for their versatility.  They help us with our work by creating good looking documents, store information without needing a large storeroom, communicate quickly and cheaply almost anywhere in the world, process our accounts, almost anything to help with business or education.  On top of this, when work is over, they can even keep us entertained streaming films and TV, and able to run a dizzying array of games for every taste.

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