Property Agents

At Klickhere we have worked with a number of property businesses and are pleased to offer a range of products especially to meet your needs in this business area. Whether it's an established business or a start up operation a Klickhere website will add value to your activities.

We offer a wide range of options and support services for businesses working in the property market place including property sales, property rental and property management.

Our sites Include
  • Low cost standard property websites for property sales, rentals, and management companies
  • Custom built websites to clearly differentiate your business's service offering
  • Simple and quick property administration with easy Image uploader
  • Back office Sales Administration tools to help you manage your sales activity effectively
  • Search Engine Marketing programs especially focused on Property Business development
  • E-mail marketing management to keep in touch with prospects
  • Rental management databases
  • Commercial properties and Business transfer agents

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